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Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

When preparing for a wedding, the last thing on people’s minds is about how the marriage might ultimately end. The idea of creating a prenuptial agreement, popularly known as a prenup, is distasteful to some people because it might imply that a marriage is unlikely to succeed. However, in practical terms, developing a prenup can provide a level of security and certainty in case things go wrong, while not expecting that they will.

At the Law Office of Lisa Collins Werner in Knoxville, we handle a wide range of Tennessee family law issues for clients at multiple stages of their lives — not just in the event of a divorce or another stressful event. Creating a prenup takes foresight. We help couples declare and analyze their assets and liabilities and help them determine the future distribution should the parties decide to divorce.

Why Would A Prenup Make Sense?

A prenuptial agreement can be a good course of action for many reasons. A couple may want to specify how assets and liabilities will be divided in order to protect their children from a previous relationship in the event of a divorce.

In other cases, one spouse may come to the marriage with considerable assets. The couple might want to specify the disposition of those assets in advance in order to head off any disputes over them later on. Or if someone owns a business and wants to determine what part, if any, the assets in the business will be distributed in case of a divorce in the future.

For a couple who is already married, a postnuptial agreement might be considered. This covers much of the same ground as a prenup, but is not enacted until after the marriage has begun.

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