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Helping To Meet Your Needs With Adoptions

While many aspects of family law deal with a family that is breaking apart, adoptions are the rare exception. The adoption process cements the parental bonds that may already exist in an informal fashion. Working with an experienced Tennessee family law attorney can help to make the process streamlined and minimally stressful.

At the Law Office of Lisa Collins Werner in Knoxville, our family law team has worked on many cases around the region that have had a positive impact on people’s lives. We know that your family law issue, particularly when it involves the welfare of a child, is of critical importance to you. We treat you accordingly with compassion, understanding and direct communication.

What Circumstances Could Trigger The Need For An Adoption?

Every adoption case is as unique as the child or children at the heart of it. In some cases, adoptions occur from events such as the termination of parental rights, which come about through a court order, or the surrender of parental rights. A parent who is unable to care for a child — possibly brought on by drug addiction and/or incarceration — may have his or her parental rights terminated, or elect to give them up voluntarily.

Adoptions can be of a related child — by a grandparent, aunt or uncle, or an older sibling — or by a stepparent. The process, while ultimately often a happy one for the child, takes the legal knowledge that a lawyer like Lisa Collins Werner can provide.

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