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Client Testimonials

Melissa – Client testimonial from 2021

“This team works for you. They have your interests as the primary goal. They listen, offer several options, and support your decisions. They are responsive to emails, texts, and phone calls. Each staff member is professional, courteous, and committed to upholding the law. This translates to protecting everyone involved. Lisa Collins-Werner is warm and easy to talk to. My children were required to give statements at one point in the process and said, “Mom, she is so nice!” and “I love her.” She provided support, clear answers, and ease during a stressful and difficult process.”

Brandon – Client testimonial from 2021

“HIGHLY RECOMMEND! They were able to pick up my case in the middle of my divorce after I fired my previous lawyer and turn it around in favor of me. Lisa and her office always responded in a timely manner as well as recommending the best for me.”

Varnell – Client testimonial from 2020

“I experienced a Professional Approach with an immaculate execution, my life was on pause until Lisa removed the Stop signs!”

Judith – Client testimonial from 2020

“Excellent Attorney!!! She listened to my needs and fought hard to settle my case without going to trial. If I ever have future legal issue she will be the first person I call.”

Warren – Client testimonial from 2019

“Lisa and her staff have been a lifesaver for me and my family. They truly case and their dedicated service shines through.”

Emily – Client testimonial from 2019

“Very friendly office staff. Ms. Werner replies to any questions I may have as quick as she can.”

Sharon – Client testimonial from 2018

“I NEVER thought I would find myself in court again after my divorce, but my ex had a different agenda. From the first meeting with Lisa to the final judgment in our favor they were able to deliver their exemplary professionalism in a personal manner to me as a client. I felt continually informed, and my concerns always addressed as the case evolved. There is no other lawyer I would want representing me!”

Maria – Client testimonial from 2018

“Lisa is very knowledgeable, hardworking, and fair. She doesn’t beat around the bush or waste anyones time. She will tell you exactly what you need to expect and what your options for outcomes are. She actually cares about her clients, during and after the case is closed. I highly recommend her!”

David – Client testimonial from 2017

“The firm is quick, professional and accurate. They all helped me to understand that my issue/event would not last forever and yet worked diligently to bring about the best outcome for me that was possible. Lisa is smart, witty and not afraid to fight for you. I would recommend them to anyone needing legal help.”

Jessica – Client testimonial from 2017

“Lisa made the process as smooth as possible and informed me of all my options. I appreciated her professionalism and her expertise.”

Sharon – Client testimonial from 2016

“Throughout a grueling three year post-divorce process, Lisa and her office helped me every step of the way. Not only did Lisa deal aggressively and successfully with my case but had to constantly go toe to toe with several other hardcore attorneys throughout the process.”

Meg – Client testimonial from 2016

“My husband and I have been divorced for years. He has always ignored what the court ordered him to do. Lisa got justice for me and fought hard to get the results I wanted.”

William – Client testimonial from 2015

“Lisa successfully litigated to get my children in my custody after a lengthy post-divorce multi-phase process. It changed our lives for the better.”

Charles – Client testimonial from 2015

“Patient, understanding, kind, and very helpful!”

Gina – Client testimonial from 2014

“Lisa is a top notch attorney. My family’s obstacles were tough and she blew right threw and won our case.”

Amy – Client testimonial from 2014

“Lisa was able to help me more than the other family law specialists that I used in the past. If something comes up in the future she will be the first person I contact.”

Angie – Client testimonial from 2013

“The system struggled to help me protect my daughter. Lisa actually cared and got the facts and made a difference!”

Pat – Client testimonial from 2013

“My divorce was emotionally hard but thanks to Lisa the legal process was stress free!”

Marie – Client testimonial from 2012

“The adoption of my children, by my Husband, made a broken family whole with a new name and start on life! Lisa was so helpful through the entire process.”

Deborah – Client testimonial from 2011

“Lisa was timely, professional, and thoughtful and had great attention to detail.”