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Permanent Parenting Plans And Child Custody Modification

When a couple divorces and settlements are made, it is done in light of the circumstances at the time. As life events unfold, the arrangements may no longer be practical. Parents, however, cannot just alter or ignore a court-approved parenting plan. An experienced Tennessee family law attorney can help to make the necessary alterations.

Attorney Lisa Collins Werner and her Knoxville legal team understand the importance of modifying a parenting plan when it becomes necessary. Parents have enough to worry about without adding the strain of an unsettled child custody arrangement. We’re sensitive to the needs of our clients. We’ll work to get things handled as smoothly as possible so that you can devote your valuable time to your loved ones.

If You Move, You May Need To Work With An Attorney

For many parents who divorce, the parent who does not stay in the family home does not move too far away. As a result, if divorced parents live a few blocks or even a few miles away from each other, parenting plans can be relatively uncomplicated.

However, parents do not always have the luxury of deciding where they live if their job takes them elsewhere. When a parent moves out of state — or at least 50 miles away within Tennessee — then the parenting plan will probably need to be modified.

If one parent is not abiding by the terms of an agreement, or is otherwise not behaving in an appropriate manner, the other parent might be able to convince a judge that the parenting plan needs to be modified. This is why it is important to have an experienced attorney beside you during the process.

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