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Is Collaborative Divorce The Right Choice For You?

It is only natural that some level of contentiousness will arise from divorce proceedings. The end of a marriage, no matter how long it has lasted, pits two spouses on opposite sides. While some issues can be resolved quickly and without much debate, others can threaten to hold up the entire process.

Tennessee family law attorney Lisa Collins Werner has helped countless people in and around Knoxville and East Tennessee with their divorce cases. She understands that truly getting to know her family law clients and their needs will result in the best outcome. This may be through an uncontested divorce or via another means, such as collaborative divorce.

The Benefits Of The Collaborative Process

We understand that taking an aggressive stance can be the right course of action to take in some situations, but it does not make sense for all people. Our firm’s experience allows us to recommend the best course of action for each individual client — whether that is taking a hard line or being more willing to resolve issues by agreement.

In a collaborative divorce, both sides recognize that they are not merely ready to sign off on a settlement — there is work to be done. As its name implies, though, the process is a collaborative one, meaning the two divorcing parties, along with their attorneys, talk to each other around a conference table rather than having a judge make decisions on their behalf in a courtroom.

In many cases, a collaborative divorce can be less stressful, provide a faster resolution time and be potentially more satisfying than other methods. Working closely with our attorneys will allow you to learn more about what path is right for you.

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