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Restraining Orders And Orders Of Protection

When relationships cross a line into danger or violence — or even the threat of danger or violence — swift action must be taken in order to keep the most vulnerable people safe. At the Law Office of Lisa Collins Werner, we help Tennessee residents obtain orders of protection and restraining orders in order to keep themselves and their families safe.

While the names of restraining orders and orders of protection are similar, the process for obtaining them is different. Our lawyers can assist you to make sure your needs are met in the most logical manner.

Time Is Of The Essence

Domestic violence has no place in our society. Due to a desire to prevent serious incidents from occurring, judges usually err on the side of safety when issuing such orders. However, it is incumbent on the person seeking protection to request it. That’s when the experience and compassion of a family law attorneyLisa Collins Werner — who truly cares about her clients come into play.

You have a right to be safe in your home, at work and in your day-to-day life. If you are being abused or threatened, you need to protect yourself with an order of protection or a restraining order. Contact Lisa Collins Werner immediately if you need assistance at 865-973-9286. You can also email your information to our law firm.

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