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Post-Divorce Issues May Need To Be Addressed

When a divorce settlement is finalized and the legal proceedings are brought to a close, many people are ready to put the matter behind them. A divorce is often the culmination of several years of unhappiness and uncertainty. Having a divorce decree issued is a relief to people who are ready to move on with their lives.

However, life events sometimes dictate that arrangements that were once appropriate need to be changed. At the Law Office of Lisa Collins Werner, we know that family law matters are often ongoing issues that are not always able to be definitively resolved in one fell swoop. Having an experienced attorney on your side can help to resolve issues that come up in the months and years following your divorce.

One Change Can Affect Many People

When someone’s employment is altered — because of a job loss, a pay cut or a transfer to a different location — the ripple effect can have an impact on such things as child support payments. What may have been a sensible amount to pay monthly might become uncomfortably high if there is a drop in personal income. We resolve these post-divorce issues regularly.

Likewise, an out-of state move can lead to child custody arrangements being modified. A parent in a different state is unlikely to be able to have custody a couple of days a week, because it would be unreasonably disruptive to school and work schedules. It might make more sense to have longer stretches of parenting time in the summer or during other times when school is not in session, for example.

Even if your divorce was handled originally by a different attorney, we can represent you. You may be pleasantly surprised at the individual attention and care that you’ll receive at our firm.

Whatever changes need to be made, an experienced family lawyer can help to get you through them. Call our offices today to schedule a consultation at 865-973-9286, or email us your contact information.

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