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Sometimes, a divorce does not make sense for a Tennessee couple for legal or ethical reasons. In those situations, it might be more prudent to pursue a legal separation instead. It is certainly worth discussing the matter with a compassionate, experienced family law attorney to see which options are the most logical ones.

At the Law Office of Lisa Collins Werner in Knoxville, we work with people throughout many aspects of family law, including divorce, child custody and child support matters. Legal separation is considerably less popular an option than it once was, but may be an appropriate choice under particular circumstances.

Why Would I Want To Be Separated?

People who pursue a separation essentially find themselves in the same position as someone who is divorced, with some important distinctions. Because the marriage is still in force, people who are legally separated are unable to remarry. This places them in kind of a holding pattern — living apart from their spouse on an indefinite basis, but still married.

A separation decree can contain the same elements as a divorce decree — detailing financial arrangements, spousal support and even child custody arrangements. In fact, the decree is so similar that after two years, a divorce can be granted at the request of one or both parties based on those terms.

Either member of the couple may elect to file for divorce at any time during the separation agreement as well.

In order to properly grasp the implications of a legal separation, you should talk to a lawyer. Call us at the Law Office of Lisa Collins Werner today at 865-973-9286 or email us your contact information to get started.

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