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Helping With Paternity And Fathers’ Rights Issues

Not all family law issues come about as a result of a marriage. One critical issue that may arise involving two parents who never were married is paternity. Issues of paternity that are not sorted out when a child is born can lead to potentially complicated legal actions later on. In Tennessee, matters of paternity between never-married parents are handled in juvenile court.

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What Kinds Of Matters Are You Dealing With?

In general, there are two very different, yet interrelated, reasons that could lead you to seek out a family law lawyer for assistance with paternity issues.

A child’s mother may want to legally establish her child’s paternity in order to have the father obligated to provide child support. Women might not list a father on the child’s birth certificate. This can be problematic if she is unable to financially provide for her child without court-ordered child support from the father.

A child’s father may want to establish his own paternity in order to gain visitation or custody rights to that child. This allows him to have a say in the child’s upbringing, potentially including such issues as schooling, religion and medical care.

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