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Adoption and unmarried fathers

In a perfect world, all children would be born to parents who are willing and able to care for them. However, there are situations, throughout Tennessee and around the country, in which parents find themselves coping with an unplanned pregnancy. In some cases, placing the child for adoption may be a wise option. While a biological mother's role is relatively straightforward in the adoption process, an unmarried father's rights are sometimes less clear.

In general, the consent of both biological parents is necessary for an adoption to move forward. However, there are situations in which it can be difficult, if not impossible, to get the consent of the father. This often happens if the father is no longer in contact with the biological mother and she is unable to notify him about the pregnancy. There are also situations in which the biological mother may conceal a pregnancy so as to avoid interference with an adoption plan.

Facing divorce without aggression: 3 tips to lower your stress

It's hard to face a divorce when you don't want it. Even if you do, it can be hard to imagine losing someone you've been with every day and moving on to a different phase of life.

Despite that, approaching the divorce with anger or aggression often does nothing to help you. Being contentious can drag out a divorce and make it harder for everyone, including yourself.

The adoption rights of grandparents

If parents in Tennessee or elsewhere in America are unable to take care of their children, a grandparent could try to adopt them. If a grandparent is allowed to adopt the child, he or she is formally recognized as his or her legal parent. Parents may be declared unfit to raise their children if they are suffering from a physical or mental health condition.

Grandparents are also allowed to adopt their grandchildren if both biological parents have passed away. In many cases, a grandparent will first obtain temporary custody of the child. During that time, a court will likely investigate an adoption request to ensure that the grandparent is fit to be a parent. The investigation will also determine if the adoption is in the best interest of the child. Grandparents can generally adopt a grandchild whether they are single or married.

3 practical reasons for creating a prenuptial agreement

The announcement of an engagement represents an exciting event for Tennessee couples. These feelings could make you feel uncomfortable about suggesting a prenuptial agreement, but many people have practical reasons that motivate them to negotiate the terms of a divorce in advance. Although you feel optimistic about your future, taking steps now could prevent prolonged disputes in the event that your marriage does not work out.

People who have children from previous relationships often use a prenuptial agreement to ensure that the division of marital assets does not have a harmful impact on those children. Business owners could also have valid concerns about how a divorce could force the distribution of business assets. With a prenuptial agreement, you could spell out how a divorce would apply to a business.

How a prenup can help a relationship

For many Tennessee couples, the thought of creating a prenup is simply repellent. However, such a document can actually be an effective tool to bring a couple together. For those who have assets, a prenup could set up reasonable financial protection. By working together to create the document, couples can create their vision for the future before they get married.

Making use of a prenuptial agreement may serve to create boundaries in a relationship. It can also help to create a balance between those who may have differing levels of assets or financial resources. Married couples can learn to be loyal to their partnership as much as they are loyal to the family who raised them. By deciding how money and other resources will be used in a collaborative fashion, a hierarchy status in the relationship could be avoided.

Millennials more likely to sign prenuptial agreements

Millennials in Tennessee and elsewhere may decide that a prenuptial agreement is a key part of their wedding preparations. A survey conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that more than half of respondents said that such agreements were being requested among those 18 to 34. This is partially because Millennials tend to get married later in life and want to protect assets.

By the time someone from the Millennial generation chooses to get married, that person may have stocks or real estate. They may also have money in a 401(k) that they want to protect in case of a divorce. In addition to assets brought into a marriage, it is not uncommon for individuals to have student loan debt as well. Collectively, Americans owe roughly $1.3 trillion in student loan debt. A prenuptial agreement may prevent a person from having to help pay off a spouse's debt if the marriage ends.

Handling divorce as a freelancer: Protecting your work

As a freelancer, your income comes from the work you perform. You pay out your own taxes and have no "boss" to speak of. You have clients and have to make time for as many projects as you can fit into your busy schedule.

Unlike those who work 9-to-5 jobs, if you miss a day, you don't get paid. Freelance positions have a lot of freedom but also come with risks. If you end up having to get a divorce, your livelihood could be at risk.

Prenuptial agreements can be invalid if not done properly

Tennessee couples headed for the altar do so with high hopes their marriage won't end up a divorce statistic. Still, it doesn't hurt to be prepared in case the unthinkable happens. One way to do this is with a prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements protect assets each spouse brings into the marriage. It can specify whether spousal support would be paid if the marriage ends in divorce. It can also specify what the surviving spouse would inherit if the other spouse dies, especially if the couple is older and have children from previous marriages they want to be their primary heirs. A prenup also could include provision for division of household chores. It all depends on what the couple wants.

Many people can benefit from a prenuptial agreement

Business owners, those who have just gotten remarried and those who have relocated may all benefit from a prenuptial agreement. This goes against the idea that Tennessee residents should only have one if they are rich. Those who are expecting to receive an inheritance may want to account for it through a prenuptial agreement just to add an extra layer of protection against losing it in a divorce.

This may be useful if a couple moves after getting married. If that couple gets divorced, the laws of the state where the divorce occurs are in effect regardless of where the couple was married. Therefore, what may be considered separate property in one state may be considered marital property in another. With a prenuptial agreement, an individual may stipulate that certain property is separate regardless of what the law says.

Myths about prenuptial agreements

Tennessee couples who are getting married might want to consider a prenuptial agreement. Because the average age at marriage is rising, people are more likely to bring significant assets into the marriage. A prenup can help protect those assets, but some people may believe myths that keep them from getting one.

For example, a lower-earning spouse might be worried the prenup is designed to protect the higher-earning spouse and leave the other person with nothing. However, this is not the case. A prenup is designed to specify how property will be divided in case there is a divorce. A person may have family property or a business to protect. A prenup may also lead couples to talk about how a partner who stays home with the children will be protected.

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