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Resolving child custody issues

When parents in Tennessee divorce, they are generally concerned about being able to maintain a strong relationship with their kids. They may also experience anxiety around the possibility of a protracted dispute with the other parent regarding custody/visitation rights. In many cases, however, parents can resolve these issues without having to take a case to court.

Co-parenting after a high-conflict divorce

When Tennessee parents get divorced, emotions often run high. Still, they typically understand that children do best when they are able to have strong relationships with both parents. Unfortunately, the conflicts that led to a divorce may continue as the ex-spouses strive to co-parent their kids. This conflict can have a serious impact on the children as well as the parents themselves.

Avoiding child custody conflict after divorce

When couples with children get divorced in Tennessee, both parents are often concerned about child custody and visitation issues. While most parents want the best for their children, the emotions surrounding a divorce can make negotiating these issues very difficult.

How to craft an ideal parenting plan

Soon-to-be divorced parents in Tennessee will need to figure out how to raise their children together after the split. Ideally, they will work out a plan that meets both their need and the needs of their children. When done properly, a plan can help children adjust to a divorce and serve as an example of how adults work together to solve problems. When creating the plan, parents should think about how they would feel if they were in their child's position.

Help your kids adjust to a new home after divorce

Of all the changes that happen in a divorce, one that can be hard for children is having to move into a new home (or two new homes, in some cases). If you are not going to nest (where two parents share the marital home despite divorce) or have one parent retain the marital home, then it's a possibility that your children will have a significant change to adapt to.

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