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What to do before a child custody hearing

Parents in Tennessee and throughout the country who are looking to obtain custody of their children will first need to attend a hearing. To prepare, they should read up on the custody laws in the state and how they may apply in a given case. Furthermore, it is a good idea to bring documentation showing that a parent has played an active role in a child's life.

How child support is handled in joint custody situations

Sharing custody of children does not necessarily mean that neither parent pays child support. States have different ways of determining child support when custody is shared. In Tennessee, calculating child support takes both parents' income into account when they have joint custody. The calculation for joint custody uses how much time the child spends at each parent's home to reach a final figure. This approach varies from state to state, and some states will not calculate child support for parents who share custody.

Divorcing with an adopted child: Tips for helping them cope

When you and your spouse decided to adopt a child, it never crossed your mind that you'd get a divorce. The trials of parenthood, along with other changes in your life, did become difficult to deal with as a couple, though. Apart, you work well, but together, you're not in a good position.

Steps a parent can take to regain child custody

Losing custody of a child, as some Tennessee parents know, is a painful experience that might make a parent believe all is hopeless. While it is difficult to accept that a court has taken custody away and granted it to an ex, another relative or the foster care system, there are steps a parent can take to prove to the court that a child belongs with them.

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