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How to craft an ideal parenting plan

Soon-to-be divorced parents in Tennessee will need to figure out how to raise their children together after the split. Ideally, they will work out a plan that meets both their need and the needs of their children. When done properly, a plan can help children adjust to a divorce and serve as an example of how adults work together to solve problems. When creating the plan, parents should think about how they would feel if they were in their child’s position.

A quality parenting plan will limit the amount of disruption in a child’s life. Parents who are planning on splitting custody or parenting time should create a schedule that allows for everyone to get into a routine. This is generally easier to do when the adults live relatively close to each other.

If the children are old enough, it might be possible to ask for their input into how the plan should be formulated. However, kids should understand that their parents have the final say as to how a plan is structured. Talking to a teen can be important as he or she may have school, a job or other activities that will occupy his or her time. Parents will need to account for these activities when creating a parenting schedule.

The end of a marriage could be one of the most traumatic experiences that a person may go through. However, parents must make sure that they keep the needs of their kids in mind when structuring a divorce settlement or parenting plan. An attorney could help a parent obtain child support, spousal support or other resources that may make it easier to maintain a reasonable lifestyle. Divorces can be settled in court or through mediation.

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