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July 2017 Archives

Child custody and the best interests of children

Child custody matters can be resolved through negotiations or mediation or by having a judge make the decision. Tennessee parents whose marriages are coming to an end should know that no matter how they come to a resolution regarding these issues, the best interests of the child should always be the focus.

How courts may deal with custody disputes

While many Tennessee parents are able to amicably come to an agreement regarding child custody, others simply cannot agree, resulting in potentially messy child custody disputes. Courts will be guided by the best interests of the child in the event it is called upon to make these determinations.

Physical custody and visitation

For many Tennessee parents of young children, going through a divorce can be particularly difficult, especially if the parents are unfamiliar with the legal terminology that may be used during child custody determinations. There is a difference between physical custody and legal custody.

What to know about fatherhood in America

A father's role has evolved significantly over the past several decades. In Tennessee and elsewhere, it is not uncommon to see dads staying at home or even acting as a single parent. According to a Pew Research poll, fathers are nearly just as likely as mothers to say that being a parent is central to their identity. In fact, 54 percent of fathers say that being a parent is rewarding all of the time while 46 percent say that it is enjoyable all of the time.

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