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April 2017 Archives

Benefits of hiring an adoption lawyer

Tennessee residents who are looking to adopt a child may benefit from hiring an attorney to help with the process. This is especially true for those who are not working with an adoption service. While legal fees can get expensive, there is generally no need to hire an attorney to handle every step in the adoption. Instead, it may be a good idea to have legal counsel to review documents before the process is finalized.

United States sees decline in international adoptions

Many single adults and couples in Tennessee become interested in adoption as a way to start a family or add to the family that they already have. While some choose to adopt through private and state agencies, others may opt to look overseas for their child. Those who are interested in international adoption should take time to inform themselves about international adoption policies and trends.

Is your spouse hiding assets? This is how to find them

People get divorced every day. Unfortunately, not everyone properly prepares for divorce. Now that you and your husband are one step away from calling divorce attorneys, you should take the time to do some research -- not just research about divorce proceedings in Tennessee: You should do research on your marital property. Do you really know about everything that you and your husband have acquired since your marriage? Do you know about every investment account? What about that bank account in the Bahamas? Or the property he purchased in Florida last year?

Dealing with the legal aspects of adoption in Tennessee

Family law attorneys in Tennessee and around the country are often called upon when relationships have deteriorated to the point where differences are irreconcilable or children have been left in potentially unsafe situations, but there are occasions when attorneys can help to build family ties and nurture parental relationships. The adoption process in Tennessee can be both exciting and intimidating to those unfamiliar with it, and attorneys with experience in this area could explain the steps involved in adopting a child and the pitfalls to avoid along the way.

The effect of discrimination in adoption cases

Tennessee was one of several states that passed anti-LGBT adoption laws or introduced bills into legislation in March 2017. Georgia, Alabama and South Dakota were among other states that also took action on this issue. In Alabama, a bill passed in the House 60-14 on March 16. The bill would allow foster care and adoption agencies to deny foster or adoptive parents if it conflicted with their religious beliefs.

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