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Britney Spears settles child custody dispute with ex-husband

Most divorced couples in Tennessee are well-aware of the fact that ending a marriage doesn't mean an end to parenting responsibilities. In situations when one spouse earns significantly more than the other former partner, child support is often sought. Other times, an increase in support is sought if it's believed that the amount granted isn't sufficient. This, in a nutshell, is what has been at the heart of the ongoing child support battle between Britney Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Child custody and interference with visitation

Many Tennessee divorced parents have primary physical custody of their children, and the other parent may be granted visitation as specified by the court. After a custody case has been decided, custodial parents are not free to cut the other parent out of their children's lives for good. Each parent has a duty to foster a healthy relationship between the children and the other parent. Failure to do so can result in the case being brought back to court.

Continuing to co-parent during a divorce

There are a number of reasons that parents in Tennessee need to be able to work together effectively during and after a divorce. Effective co-parenting helps children feel that they are loved by and able to communicate with both parents and reduces their stress level. It also models good conflict resolution for children.

Could your marriage benefit from a new postnuptial agreement?

Some people view the creation of a prenuptial agreement as inherently crass. After all, how does it benefit the start of a marriage to plan for a worst-case scenario? A prenuptial agreement is essentially an attempt to negotiate the terms of a divorce before you even get married. Some people might consider this planning for failure.

What happens when child custody cases go to court

Parents in Tennessee who are going through a divorce might wonder what will happen at the child custody hearing and how best to prepare for it. The courtroom in which these types of hearings is held is generally smaller than others, and fewer people are present than in other types of courtroom proceedings.

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