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February 2017 Archives

The benefits of prenuptial agreements in Tennessee

Studies have shown that February represents the busiest month of the year for divorce in many states. While divorce can have a significant effect on someone's life and finances, a prenuptial agreement could significantly limit any negative impact. Prenups can both reduce the risk of a surprising outcome from a divorce and protect a spouse's finances.

More millennials getting prenup agreements

Tennessee couples who are considering marriage may be interested to learn that a little more than half of family law attorneys who participated in a survey saw a boost in the number of prenuptial agreements that were being requested by 18- to 34-year-olds. These numbers are consistent with a 20-year trend where more couples were requesting prenuptial agreements.

Putting prenuptial agreements into proper perspective

The prenuptial agreement has gotten a pretty bum rap over the years. For those who believe that love is all that matters, the concept of asking a future spouse to sign a contract that defines who will get what in the event of a divorce is sacrilegious – a signal that the couple is somehow less than committed.

'Bird's nest' parenting: breaking with convention

There was a time in the not too distant past when divorce was considered unconventional. Today, from Tennessee, perhaps to Timbuktu, break ups of spouses are as much the convention as is marriage. Many experts suggest half of all marriages end in divorce.

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