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How to adopt as a single parent

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Adoption

In recent years, there has been a rise of single women who have chosen to become mothers after achieving educational and career success. One reason why they choose to become mothers is that they want to experience the joy of raising a child. In some cases, those individuals do not plan on being a single parent indefinitely. For those who cannot have children naturally, adoption is an alternative that may be available.

Generally speaking, adopting a child from a foreign country might be easier for single people who wish to become parents. This is partially because biological mothers in the United States may prefer married couples over single individuals. In addition to the challenge of obtaining approval for an adoption, a single parent could face criticism from friends and family members. They may claim that a single parent household is not good for a child.

However, children in homes with only one parent can thrive if given the opportunity to do so. Furthermore, there are online support groups and others that aim to help single women who hope to become adoptive parents. This may help to reduce the guilt or shame that they feel either internally or after being criticized by another person. It could also help single parents get over the shame that they feel by reaching out for help.

The best interest of the child is the top priority in any adoption case. Therefore, a single parent will need to show that they have the resources to care for a child. This typically means being able to provide a child with food, clothes and adequate shelter. Other concerns may need to be addressed depending on the circumstances of a given case, and an attorney may help prospective parents address those concerns.

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