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The adoption rights of grandparents

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2018 | Adoption

If parents in Tennessee or elsewhere in America are unable to take care of their children, a grandparent could try to adopt them. If a grandparent is allowed to adopt the child, he or she is formally recognized as his or her legal parent. Parents may be declared unfit to raise their children if they are suffering from a physical or mental health condition.

Grandparents are also allowed to adopt their grandchildren if both biological parents have passed away. In many cases, a grandparent will first obtain temporary custody of the child. During that time, a court will likely investigate an adoption request to ensure that the grandparent is fit to be a parent. The investigation will also determine if the adoption is in the best interest of the child. Grandparents can generally adopt a grandchild whether they are single or married.

Allowing a grandparent to adopt a grandchild is generally preferred if there are no other family members able to take the child in. The only other options for the child could be to live in foster care or to be adopted by those he or she is not related to. However, such options are considered if they are determined to be in the child’s best interest after reviewing the facts in a case.

There may be many factors a judge will use to determine if a grandparent is the best person to raise a child. An attorney’s understanding of what a judge is looking for may help that individual present a strong case to that judge. For instance, an attorney might work to show that a grandparent has a home with a stable income and is healthy enough to raise a minor. This may increase the chances of a grandparent obtaining a favorable ruling.

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