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What can you do if your partner asks for a prenup?

Your partner asking you to sign a prenuptial (prenup) agreement can result in different emotions. While this is understandable, it’s crucial to be cautious about your next steps after this conversation.

Consider doing these:

Don’t get upset

The person you hope to spend the rest of your life with asking you to sign a prenup isn’t a romantic moment. But it may be unwise to get upset/offended. Instead, tell them you need time before responding.

Determine its benefits

Your partner likely has the relationship’s best interest in mind when they raise the prenup matter. Although some people view a prenup as preparing for divorce, this agreement offers numerous benefits. 

For starters, it encourages financial conversations earlier. Further, it protects involved parties from each other’s debt. And if a couple goes through a divorce, a prenup can help them avoid conflicts. Understanding the benefits of a prenup can help you make an informed decision.

Familiarize yourself with prenup terms and laws

In addition to learning the benefits of a prenup, you should understand commonly used terms and state laws. Know what can and cannot be included in a prenup. Learn about mistakes that can invalidate a prenup and so on.

Doing this will help you and your spouse draft a fair and valid prenup.

Control your emotions

It’s natural to be emotional when handling matters related to a prenup. But you need to set your emotions aside to view things objectively. It can help to approach drafting a prenup as a business transaction.  

Talk to your partner

Once you have enough information, it’s time to talk to your partner. Tell them if you are willing to sign it, and if you are, talk about your concerns. You and your partner can find common ground.

If your spouse-to-be wants you to sign a prenup, consider legal help to protect your future.   

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