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Unconditional bonds: Adult adoption in LGBTQ+ families

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2023 | Adoption

In recent years, the concept of family has evolved to encompass a broader, more inclusive definition, breaking away from traditional norms.

This is particularly true among families within the LGBTQ+ community. There’s a growing recognition that adult adoption is a meaningful and empowering process that can help to solidify familial bonds that are already there in all but name.

Why should same-sex couples consider adopting their adult children?

While society has made significant strides in accepting and recognizing the legitimacy of LGBTQ+ families, the legal system hasn’t always kept pace. In years gone by, it simply wasn’t possible for many same-sex couples to have both their names on a child’s birth certificate. This left many children in these families to grow up with one official or genetic parent and one (often formally unacknowledged) stepparent.

Now, thanks to the progress that has been made, there are new opportunities – even for adult children. Adult adoption is actually a much easier process than the adoption of a child, and there are numerous reasons to take that step:

  • Strengthening bonds: Adoption gives a formal voice to the emotional bond between the parent and the child and helps establish a “whole” family without distinctions tied to biology. The adult child gains a shared family identity.
  • Inheritance rights: An adult adoption makes sure that the child has the same legal inheritance rights that are granted to someone’s biological children.
  • Rights to benefits: An adopted child may be eligible, depending on their circumstances, to health insurance, Social Security benefits and other financial resources that are tied to the adoptive parent. They may even gain additional educational benefits or access to financial assistance programs.
  • Legal authority: As the adoptive parent ages, their adoptive child can more easily obtain the legal authority to take over in emergencies or see to their parent’s care.

Adult adoption is far more than a symbolic gesture – although that alone cannot be discounted. It’s a declaration of love, commitment and the strength of LGBTQ+ families. If you’ve always wanted to see your family officially recognized, adult adoption could be the way.

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