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Bird’s nest parenting works for some situations

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2023 | Child Custody

Divorce is a tumultuous time for adults and children. Traditionally, kids shuffle back and forth between their parents’ separate homes. Bird’s nest parenting is another model that aims to minimize disruption in children’s lives by keeping them in a single, stable home.

Bird’s nest parenting is a co-parenting strategy where the children stay in one home, often the family home, while the divorced parents rotate in and out. While unconventional, this approach prioritizes the emotional well-being of the children involved, helping them maintain a sense of stability.

How it works

In a bird’s nest arrangement, the children stay in a nest, typically the family home. Parents take turns living in this home. They may share an apartment or home away from the nest, but some parents opt to each have their own home away from the nest. The idea is to keep the children’s lives as consistent as possible by not subjecting them to the upheaval of constantly moving between two different households.

The schedule can be as flexible or rigid as the parents decide. Communication and cooperation are vital in making this arrangement work, and it often requires a strong commitment from both parents.

Pros and cons

Bird’s nest offers children a stable living environment and helps them maintain regular routines. The children can keep their same friends, schools, and activities without the logistical complications of having two homes.

The downside is that bird’s nest parenting can be financially draining. The parents must be comfortable with frequent interactions, which might not be feasible in high-conflict situations. It’s also essential to have all terms of the arrangement written out so everyone knows what will happen and their responsibilities.

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