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Reasons for post-divorce relocation

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | Child Custody

Co-parents who get divorced sometimes want to relocate in the wake of that divorce. For instance, someone may have met their spouse while they were in college and stayed in their college town after getting married, but they may want to move back home after the divorce.

The problem is simply that both parents still have to share custody of their children if that is what has been ordered by the court. If one parent moves so far away that sharing custody is impossible, that could be seen as a violation of the other person’s rights. They wouldn’t get to see their children or exchange custody as the court had required simply because it wouldn’t be realistically possible to do so.

Reasons you can provide

This does not mean you can never relocate with your children. What it does mean is that the court may want to see a good faith reason to show that you’re moving to benefit yourself and your child, not simply to infringe on your ex’s rights. Examples of potential reasons include:

  • Moving closer to extended family members
  • Looking for a lower cost of living
  • Taking another job that has already been offered
  • Returning to school to continue your education

Essentially, the court just wants to see that the move is necessary on some level and that it could also be beneficial to the child. This process can be complicated, however, even if you know that you have a valid reason to move. Be sure you are well aware of all the legal options at your disposal.

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