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How to be an effective parent after a divorce

A divorce can be a period of adjustment for both children and parents in Tennessee and throughout the country. Parents may feel frustrated or as if they are competing with each other while the children often aren’t sure how to process what is happening in their lives. For noncustodial parents, it can feel like a challenge to make the most of whatever time that they are entitled to with their children.

However, keeping lines of communication open can make it easier for parents to get along with each other. By talking directly to each other, it keeps the children from acting as messengers or otherwise being stuck in the middle of a conflict between two adults. It is also important to establish a routine for the sake of the children. They tend to do better when they have consistency and know where they will be at any given time.

Noncustodial parents should remain calm when the other parent is late to drop the child off or forgets about a family event. Ideally, any concerns or frustration will be addressed directly to the other parent when the child is not present. When noncustodial parents are with their children, it can be a nice gesture to send pictures or messages to the custodial parents to prevent them from missing out on key moments.

Issues such as allocating parenting time may arise in a divorce settlement. In some cases, parents can work together to create a plan that works for them and meets the needs of the child. Ideally, a child will have a relationship with both parents if they are fit to have one.

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