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Key responsibilities of custodial parents

After a divorce in Tennessee, one parent may be given primary physical custody of a child. This means that the child lives with this individual more than half of the time. Although custodial parents may have significant influence over how the child is raised, the noncustodial parent has rights as well. Custodial parents are expected to adhere to a visitation schedule as closely as possible. Visitation schedules may be determined by the parents themselves or by a judge.

Parental rights to a child after a divorce

After parents in Tennessee or other states get divorced, they may be able to retain custody or visitation rights to their children. The two types of custody are physical and legal custody. Children will typically spend most of their time living with the parent who has physical custody while legal custody gives a parent the ability to make decisions about the child's upbringing. These decisions may include how a child is educated or what religious beliefs a minor is exposed to.

How fathers can obtain rights to their children

Fathers in Tennessee may be allowed to see their children even if they are not awarded custody. Visitation schedules may be arranged by a judge or determined by the parents outside of court. When parents create their own schedule, it is called reasonable visitation rights. This generally occurs when the parents are able to work together in an amicable manner. If parents are unable to work together, a judge will create a fixed schedule.

How fathers can get custody of their children

Fathers in Tennessee generally have the same rights as mothers as it relates to being in their children's lives. Therefore, it's possible for a father to obtain either joint or sole custody of a child. If a father doesn't get physical custody of a son or daughter, he may be entitled to visitation. Furthermore, he could still be entitled to legal custody of the child. This will give him the ability to make certain decisions about how that child is raised.

Unmarried fathers get access to their children too

As a general rule, parents in Tennessee and other states have the right to establish a relationship with their children. In some cases, a father may be granted custody of his child even if he is not married to the child's mother. If a father is not granted custody, he will typically be granted visitation rights assuming that it is in the best interest of the child to do so.

How unwed fathers can obtain rights to their children

In Tennessee and most other states, unmarried fathers generally have rights to a child after establishing paternity. This is true even in cases involving fathers who have acknowledged paternity without any proof to back up that claim. However, once paternity is confirmed, fathers can typically ask for visitation or custody rights to their sons or daughters. They may also be required to pay child support or otherwise assist in raising a child.

How unmarried Tennessee dads can establish rights to their kids

For the most part, all unmarried dads are allowed to negotiate custody and visitation rights. Courts generally agree that if it is in the best interests of the child, both parents should be involved in a child's life. However, if one parent believes that a child's relationship with the other parent could be destructive, they could petition the court to hear their case.

Fathers often have to fight for child custody

A stereotypical image of an unmarried couple having a child shows the mother bearing full responsibility for the upbringing while the father attempts to avoid both financial and parenting duties. Although this may be true in individual cases, there are an increasing number of Tennessee couples having children out of wedlock where the father desires to and fully expects to be part of the child's life. However, that may not happen without a fight.

Percentage of unmarried parents is increasing

It's becoming more common than ever before for Tennessee children to be born outside a marriage. According to a 2015 study, 40 percent of children in the U.S. were born outside marriage. This statistic represents a significant increase since 1970 when only 10 percent of children were born outside marriage.

More immigrant parents are appointing guardians for their kids

If parents in Tennessee get deported, they might leave their children behind in America. Among children who are being raised by extended family members, about 20 percent live in an immigrant household. This shows that many deported parents are relying on grandparents, aunts and uncles to raise their kids in the U.S.

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