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About adoption in Tennessee

Adoption can be a complicated process. Tennessee residents who are considering adoption should fully understand the state's adoption requirements so that they know if they are legally qualified to adopt a child. The requirements to adopt a child exist so that children can be housed in safe and stable homes that are ready to accept a child.

The drawbacks of each type of adoption

There are three main types of adoptions that Tennessee residents could be a part of. Open adoptions allow for the birth parents and adoptive parents to freely interact with each other. In a confidential adoption, the birth and adoptive families will not interact with or be able to identify each other. Mediated adoptions take a middle road and allow contact through a third-party. However, the parties will still not be able to identify each other.

Understanding how foster care and adoption work

Children in Tennessee and elsewhere may be taken away from their biological parents or guardians for a variety of reasons. As a result, they may be placed in foster care or placed for adoption. However, there are significant differences between these two types of placement. For example, a foster parent is expected to provide care until a permanent home can be found for the child. When a child is adopted, he or she becomes a part of the new family.

House votes unanimously to update international adoption law

Prospective parents in Tennessee and around the country who hope to adopt a baby from a foreign country will be pleased to hear that the House of Representatives voted unanimously on May 20 to pass the Intercountry Adoption Information Act of 2019. The bill amends the Intercountry Adoption Information Act of 2000 and requires the Secretary of State to stay abreast of international adoption laws and notify Congress about any changes that could make the process more difficult for American families.

How health issues may affect the ability to adopt a child

Individuals looking to adopt in Tennessee may wonder if underlying health issues like diabetes could prevent them from successfully completing an adoption. There are no standard "rules" that automatically prevent someone with a health issue from adopting. Each adoption agency or country has its own set of guidelines when considering prospective adoptive parents.

Adopting a child as a single person

Single men and women are allowed to adopt children in Tennessee and other states. However, it may not be possible for single individuals to adopt children from other countries. Furthermore, not all agencies will allow domestic adoptions by those who are not married. Those who hope to be a single parent will need to show that they are capable of providing for the child emotionally and financially without the help of spouse or partner.

Tennessee senator withdraws bill meant to limit LGBTQ adoption

The sponsor of a Senate bill that would have let faith-based adoption agencies deny adoption applications from LGBTQ people has asked that it be removed from the legislative agenda. This action delays consideration of the bill until at least next year. No explanation accompanied the removal of the bill, but pressure from national groups that oppose discrimination against LGBTQ people appears to have suppressed this proposed legislation.

How to adopt as a single parent

In recent years, there has been a rise of single women who have chosen to become mothers after achieving educational and career success. One reason why they choose to become mothers is that they want to experience the joy of raising a child. In some cases, those individuals do not plan on being a single parent indefinitely. For those who cannot have children naturally, adoption is an alternative that may be available.

Religious agency agrees to LGBT adoptions after settlement

Same-sex families seeking to adopt in Tennessee may be heartened by developments in Michigan. One large foster care and adoption agency has acknowledged its responsibilities under a state legal settlement, affirming that it will now place children in LGBT families' homes. The agency, Bethany Christian Services, is a non-profit organization that contracts with the state government to handle around 8 percent of its foster care and adoption cases. There are around 13,000 cases involving children from troubled households with state involvement.

The adoption process for same-sex couples

Same-sex couples can generally adopt children in Tennessee and all other states. However, it may still be illegal for those in same-sex relationships to adopt children from some foreign countries. Regardless of where the adoption is taking place, the couple may need to be in a relationship that has legal recognition in the child's birth country.

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