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Adoption and divorce: Helping your child get through it

Divorce can be tough for anyone. For those who have adopted, however, divorce can be a particularly challenging matter. Not only do you have to separate from your spouse, but now you have to change the home environment you once promised the child you adopted. Your little one may have been too young to know that he or she was adopted and go through the divorce like any other child. For older children, going through a divorce after being adopted can sometimes feel like they're being abandoned and left to start over again.

The difference between marital and separate property in a divorce

Unless you have an ironclad prenuptial agreement on record or your divorce is uncontested, there are often many uncertainties involved with filing for divorce. If you have children, you may worry about how the courts will divide custody and parenting time. You will also need to consider how the courts will divide your assets.

How will a prenuptial agreement protect me?

Prenuptial agreements are the wise choice for modern spouses who understand that sometimes "until death do us part" actually means "until the death of our love do we part." In this sense, premarital agreements allow couples to set the parameters for their breakups, so that they can divorce as peacefully, quickly and cost-effectively as possible -- if a divorce is necessary.

Know your assets' classification for an easy division of property

Marital property, defined by law, is any property you obtain during your marriage. Commingled assets become marital property in some cases, too. Define your marital property matters, because it could save you months of hassles in negotiations for items that are in conflict.

Your emotional state matters during divorce

You may never have expected to go through a divorce, even if you knew you had some struggles in your marriage. You might be the kind of person who sticks with someone through thick and thin, even if your spouse isn't. Regardless of your situation, if you're facing a divorce, you need to make sure you take care of yourself.

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