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Are divorce rates going up or down?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce rates can be a somewhat contentious subject. There are those who claim that divorce rates are constantly increasing and that divorce is becoming much more common in America. Others will say that it’s happening less than it used to, even with no-fault divorce laws.

So, which one is correct? It may all depend on the person’s age.

For most people, rates are declining

What you will find is that most individuals have declining divorce rates. This is true for everyone who is 50 years old and younger. They are less likely to divorce today than they were in previous generations.

One thing to consider, however, is that a lot of couples in their 20s will simply live together without getting married. Some of them may break up, but this doesn’t count as a divorce because they were never married to begin with. This is somewhat different than previous generations, where cohabitation was not as socially acceptable and so young couples would more often get married – and then later get divorced.

For those who are 50 and older, the divorce rate is going up. This has been termed “gray divorce.” There are numerous reasons, such as life expectancy and health concerns. One big thing that contributes to the increasing rate for older couples is simply that they are becoming empty-nesters. In some cases, people will have been focused on being parents for the last two decades, while their relationship with their spouse drifted apart.

No matter which age group you are in, divorce is a potential outcome in the future. Be sure you know about all the legal steps to take at that time.

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