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How divorce could benefit you

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2022 | Divorce

When people think of the word “divorce,” they usually associate it with adverse connotations, and only a few can blame them. After all, divorce litigation is expensive in Tennessee at $9,500+. (And that’s not including filing fees with or without minor children, which are $259.50 and $184.50 respectively.)

Plus, the pain of putting so much effort into a relationship only for it to fall apart is devastating and overwhelming for many couples. However, it could be a blessing in disguise. Below are four ways divorce could benefit you.

You free yourself from an incompatible person

Maybe your spouse is physically or emotionally abusive to you. Or neither of you can see eye to eye on certain issues and find yourselves arguing all the time. Whatever the case, a divorce could free you from a conflict-filled or toxic relationship.

A divorce might grant you several financial benefits

After finalizing a divorce, many ex-spouses gain some financial perks. For instance, they can downsize by moving into smaller homes or receive early access to retirement funds. If you have college-bound children, you can receive more financial aid since you’d have a lower income.

You could concentrate on becoming your own person

When you don’t have to worry about fights or toxicity, you’ll have more freedom in reaching your personal goals. Perhaps your spouse is holding you back from pursuing a degree or experimenting with a new hobby.

Your parenting skills might improve

Some couples with children divorce because they spend so much time quarreling that they unintentionally neglect their kids’ needs. A divorce could help you redirect your focus on your children — and if feasible — share co-parenting duties with your ex.

While divorce has its trials, it could bring more benefits than you realize. Are you considering divorce? If so, begin the process by reaching out to legal guidance. 


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