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How can cooperation make holiday custody simpler?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2022 | Child Custody

You might not find co-operating with your ex easy, but as parents, it can make things much simpler for you and your children.

Kids typically love summer as it is a break from the school routine. Yet, in some cases, it can be a time of stress and boredom for them.

Children sometimes feel abandoned when parents need to work, especially if they are young kids who still require a lot of attention. You cannot just leave them home alone all day, nor can you let them roam the streets.

Here are some ways you can work together as parents over the summer:

Don’t go away at the same time

Maybe you both traditionally took time off work the last week of July. If you stagger it, you cover two weeks of childcare straight away – you look after the child one week, and you ex the next. If you choose to go away or do some fun things locally with your kids, so much the better.

Tap your resources

You might not like your mother-in-law, but you know she loves your kids, and they love her. If she would be delighted to take them for a couple of weeks, why not take advantage?

You might also have friends willing to help or take turns. For instance, if your neighbor can work from home twice a week and you can too, then why not share child minding duties. If your kids like hanging out together, keeping an eye on them while still doing your work should be relatively easy.

Getting legal help when making your parenting plan reduces the chance you overlook things like the holidays that do not fit into your standard routine.

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