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2 reasons divorce can be the morally correct path for you

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | Divorce

A lot of people stay in unhappy marriages far longer than they should. Sometimes, there are economic, religious or social reasons that make them feel trapped in their situation. Often, however, people simply feel guilty about ending a relationship when they’re just not happy – especially if their spouse hasn’t done anything particularly “wrong.”

If your spouse isn’t abusive, hasn’t had an affair, isn’t gambling, doesn’t have a substance abuse problem or any other major issues, is it ever right to just call it quits? Absolutely. Here are some things to consider:

You don’t want to stop your spouse from finding real love

There’s a reason that every state now has some form of “no-fault” divorce on the books. That’s a recognition that two people may still fail to be compatible as a married couple.

If you’re feeling disconnected and disinterested in your spouse, the odds are high that they feel the same. By ending your marriage, you’re freeing both of you from the constraints of your relationship – and that means you both have the chance to find someone that suits you better.

You don’t want to model an unhealthy relationship for your children

Every parent hopes that their children will lead happy, complete lives – but kids learn from what they see and experience. When you stay in a marriage you don’t want, your kids may assume that’s really the only option they have. By taking proactive measures to regain your happiness through a divorce, you’re modeling behavior that tells them not to settle for an unfulfilling relationship.

If you’ve fallen out of love and out of step with your spouse, don’t stay married just because you feel guilty about leaving your spouse or breaking up your family. A divorce may be the best thing for everyone involved.

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