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How can you keep your divorce private?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2022 | Divorce

If you are going through a high-value divorce, the last thing you want is for others to be able to see what assets you have and how much you’re personally worth. This could open you up to a risk of theft and other issues that you simply do not want to deal with.

Privacy is often one of the most important aspects of a high net worth divorce because it helps you maintain secrecy around your assets and prevents the public from knowing exactly what you have in your possession. If there are people you’d rather not have know about your holdings, then you need to take steps to keep your case as quiet as possible.

How do you keep a divorce private?

There are a few things you can do to keep your divorce private and out of a public courtroom. The first and primary thing to do is to talk to your spouse about settling outside of court. Doing this helps you keep your divorce as private as possible because you won’t be arguing about assets or having a judge decide on property division in the public eye.

To resolve your divorce behind closed doors, you may want to consider mediation or arbitration. If you are able to work with your spouse well and don’t have many disagreements, you may also be able to negotiate with each other and involve your attorneys directly.

Once you come up with decisions to help settle your divorce, those will be submitted to the judge. At that time, only what is included in your paperwork will be exposed to the public. It’s also possible to ask the court to seal your divorce records, so they are not accessible.

If you want a private divorce, commit to avoiding court

There are many reasons that people like to keep their divorce records private. If you work in the public eye or just have a significant amount of wealth, you may want to keep yours private, too. You should look into settling outside of court to keep your divorce decisions quieter and to avoid public exposure.

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