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Encourage your children to share their feelings during divorce

Children who are trying to adjust to their parents’ divorce may have a lot of emotions. It’s important that they learn how to express those and cope with them. Assisting them with this can be challenging.

In most cases, both parents need to work with children to help them deal with the divorce. Putting the children first is imperative.

Talk with them

It might help for you to discuss your feelings with your children, but make sure you’re doing so in an age-appropriate way. This can help to normalize feelings that they might feel are scary or wrong. It also opens up the dialogue for them to tell you how they feel.

When you’re talking to them about the way they feel, try not to make them feel uncomfortable. They have a right to feel what they do. Focus on helping them find suitable ways to express their emotions. This is important if they’re acting out in a negative manner.

Remind them of the positives

There are positives that come with the divorce. Try to help your children to see those so they don’t fixate on the negative. It might help them to feel better if they see you and their other parent working together to give them the love and support they need.

Helping your children through your divorce is important. They thrive on stability and consistency, so ensuring that you get the parenting plan in order as soon as possible is critical. If you and your co-parent can work together to get this done, you may find that it sets the stage for an easier co-parenting relationship.

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