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Can getting divorced upend your career?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Divorce

If you are thinking of getting a divorce in Tennessee or are currently in the middle of getting unhitched from your spouse, then you probably have many big issues to deal with. 

Explaining the sweeping changes in the family’s life to your children (and fielding their sometimes heartbreaking questions), untangling your finances from your ex’s, settling in a new community or residence and massively regrouping can all seem very daunting. Taken together, it can feel like a mountain of intimidating problems is perched atop your shoulders.

There is yet another situation you may need to consider. Is your divorce going to undermine your professional life?

You might scoff at that possibility — but just think about it. You are under so much stress now. Concentrating may be hard. Being your usual cheerful self might also be challenging. Juggling all the intense demands of the office can be hard to bear.

Most bosses realize that employees have unfortunate, unforeseen hurdles in their personal lives. It’s highly unlikely that any supervisor would yank your job away from you because you are out of sorts from time to time due to your divorce. Still, play it safe and take advantage of some ideas from experts.

Make it easier on yourself

If your relationship with your boss is solid, inform that person about your situation. Don’t pour out all the private details, just broadly present the overall picture. In addition, you should:

  • Eat healthily, get sufficient sleep and exercise if that is part of your daily routine.
  • If possible, work from home temporarily.
  • Do things you enjoy that help you to relax.
  • When you feel ready, dive back into your job again.
  • Lean on people you consider trustworthy.

People who care about you are in your corner. Allow them to help you through this tough period. That includes the person who advises you on the legal aspects of your divorce.

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