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3 things to remember as you negotiate the property division with your ex

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Divorce

Even during an amicable divorce, couples will have to negotiate their way through numerous property divisions as well as allocating certain financial responsibilities. The couple must navigate their way through this process while still trying to maintain a focus on creating a better future. As well as being stressful, this can create a considerable financial burden.

Consequently, It is very easy to forget something important when you’re going through negotiations. Here are three key items to discuss during your property division process:

Digital assets

Digital assets are becoming increasingly common. Examples of these include websites, digital files, video games and music. Furthermore, digital assets might include online storefronts and shopper rewards. Splitting up the digital assets may take a lot of effort — especially if you both tended to use each other’s accounts.

Sentimental property

Larger resources such as property and vehicles tend to be prioritized during consultations. However, your sentimental property should not be disregarded. It is extremely easy to neglect sentimental items which can later be lost during the divorce transition. Make a list of all the important sentimental items that you’d like to keep so that you can address those early.

Insurance policies

It is pivotal that things like life insurance policies and contracts for vehicle insurance are not left out of the proceedings. Ideally, these matters should be addressed early. That way, each party is clear about what they need to take on after the divorce is final.

Divorce might be the best option — for you and your spouse. However, it is likely that numerous comprises will have to be made. Every divorce is different but larger aspects of property division tend to take up much of the focus on proceedings. Thus, it is crucial not to overlook any of the factors discussed above.  

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