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Start early to protect your wealth in a Tennessee divorce

Getting a divorce is one of the most devastating experiences a person can face in life. The process itself is daunting, and elevated emotions often complicate matters more. If you possess substantial wealth or a significant number of valuable assets, you can expect even more complications.

Through serving Knoxville, Tennessee residents, we have learned that even complex high net worth divorces benefit from simple (as possible) counsel. At least in the earliest stages of a complicated divorce. We regard such an approach as a way to prepare for the process of ending a marriage.

Steps to take as early as possible

It is not wise to delay your preparations when a divorce is imminent. We recommend taking the following steps to preserve and support your rights.

  • Hire a divorce lawyer. You will need immediate and ongoing assistance to protect property that rightfully belongs to you.
  • Identify all your assets. Review your accounts to identify your assets and determine their worth.
  • Confirm ownership of assets. Gather documentation that confirms what you own for the court.
  • Open new financial accounts. You may begin transferring some (but not all) of your cash into new accounts if you do not try to hide them from disclosure.
  • Learn the law. To avoid unpleasant surprises, learn as much as possible about Tennessee marital property laws.

Always remember that help is available in your high net worth divorce. From connecting you with financial experts to fighting for your business interests, a divorce advocate can wear many hats on your behalf until your divorce ends.

Our attorneys invite you to continue your high net worth divorce education by reviewing more of our website content. You may also find answers to your questions and concerns through exploring our legal blog. Please continue reading to learn more. 

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