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Remember these points in child custody matters

| Apr 21, 2021 | Child Custody

Trying to raise children with your ex can be a complex undertaking, especially if your divorce was contentious. Ensuring that you’re handling the situations that arise appropriately is challenging, but the parenting plan you establish should guide you along the way. 

Coming up with the terms of the parenting plan will likely require some back-and-forth between you and your ex. Consider these points as you negotiate those terms. 

The past doesn’t matter when addressing child custody

Any child custody terms and subsequent parenting plan that you agree to should focus on what’s best for your child. You shouldn’t bring other matters regarding your marriage or divorce into the negotiations. 

You should call attention to any details that may directly impact your kids’ safety and health during these negotiations. For some adults, it helps to remember that even a terrible spouse can be a terrific parent.

Why any parenting plan that you come up with should work now

Don’t try to think too far into the future when you’re negotiating parenting plan terms. Instead, think of what the children need right now. 

Remember that you can seek modifications to your parenting plan if the existing one isn’t working well for you or as your child ages. 

How you should enter into child custody negotiations

You must understand your parental rights before you sit down with your ex to engage in child custody negotiations. You may find it helpful to discuss your unique situation with your attorney to learn what options you have for addressing important points in your case. You’ll ensure that your parenting plan keeps your child’s best interests at the forefront by doing so.


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