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How do you know how much child support to pay in Tennessee?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | Child Support

Tennessee has its own manner of determining child support payments when two parents are no longer together. Whether you’re divorced or were never married, child support is the manner in which your child receives the care and financial support that they need.

Child support is often a difficult topic, because the parent who has to pay may be frustrated by the amount. If they share custody half of the time, they may feel that it’s unfair to pay more when they already support their child the same amount of time as the other parent.

How is child support determined in Tennessee?

Child support is determined in Tennessee by looking at each parent’s monthly gross income. It is also determined by factoring in a child’s specific needs or the differences between each child’s home in terms of access to the necessities. Child support increases for each child being paid for, but that increase is not linear. Usually, a percentage is added on top of the original payment to help cover any additional children.

What can you do if the amount of child support you have to pay is too high?

If you are the parent who is paying support and believe that it’s too high for you to pay monthly, it’s important to talk to your attorney about modifying your support level. Parents also have a right to live with the necessities and to be able to make ends meet. The amount of support you pay should be determined based on your current income and expenses, so that the amount you pay is fair and expected.

What can you do if the parent who is supposed to pay support doesn’t?

In the case that the parent who is supposed to pay support doesn’t pay on time or at all, you can take steps to have the support order enforced. It may be worth talking to them to see if they need a support adjustment, too. Depending on the situation, your attorney can help you make sure that the right support reaches your child and that it is fair for both parents involved.

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