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Three signs that indicate a healthy co-parent relationship

Co-parents in Tennessee may be interested in learning about some of the signs that indicate an effective and healthy co-parenting relationship. While there is usually a lot of room for improvement when it comes to co-parenting after divorce, it’s better to focus on what is working as each parent tries to resolve conflicts.

One sign of a healthy co-parenting relationship is that each individual tries to focus on the things that they can actually control as opposed to what cannot be controlled. For example, one individual can control the example they set for their children when it comes to dealing with disappointments and setbacks. However, they cannot control if their ex-spouse chooses to date someone and when that individual is introduced to the children. Of course, there are some visitation plans that add guidelines.

When co-parents have a predetermined schedule, everyone involved knows what they should do and when certain things should be done. It requires a healthy level of communication for co-parents to allocate time for specific activities and work together to make these happen. While it is good to maintain a good schedule, it is also important to allow for some flexibility.

Manipulation is left out of healthy co-parenting. Each co-parent sees the importance of their children spending time with the other parent and does not try to control them or their children’s allegiances. They actually encourage their children to have affection for the other parent.

In order for co-parents to be successful, it is often important for clear guidelines to be set out in custody agreements or parenting plans. A family law attorney may be able to help an individual who has questions about divorce, parenting time, child support, parental relocation, and child custody. The attorney may be able to represent a client in court if it is necessary and provide legal advice.

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