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Adopting multiples: Things to consider

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2019 | Adoption

You’ve always wanted to grow you family, and it is admirable that you’ve chosen adoption as the route to do so. However, before you decide to bring home multiples, it’s a good idea to sit down and have a solid discussion about the challenges that adopting sibling groups or multiple children can pose.

While adopting two children now might be preferable in helping you reach your goals as parents, you need to do your homework before you choose this route. You may want to visit families who have adopted multiples and interact with the children to observe how they get along before you decide to adopt a group. Here are a few more questions to consider.

1. Are you prepared to take on a sibling group?

Not just emotionally, but financially, you will need to be prepared for multiples. Groups of children need more basic items, such as clothing, food and other necessities. They will also potentially need additional supports such as tutoring, emotional support with therapy, medical care and others.

2. Are you flexible enough for twins, sibling groups or multiple adopted children from different backgrounds?

Wanting more children doesn’t necessarily equate to being able to make time for more children. Can you be flexible in your current lifestyle and adjust to suddenly having to care for multiple children? You will have less time for yourself with a single child, let alone multiples. Be honest with your answer, because it should guide your adoption strategy.

3. Are you prepared for the emotional needs of multiple children?

After adoption, there is the possibility that the children you take into your home will have their own emotional needs. With multiple children, you’ll need to be able to focus on both or all of their needs, not just the needs of one or two. Remember, these children may have bad habits that will take time to adjust.

Overall, the reality is that adopting any child is going to change your life, and it will be a study in being able to adjust to new life in your home. If you are able to answer with a positive response to the above questions, then adopting multiples might be right for you.

Your attorney will talk to you about adopting multiples and help you navigate the process, so that you are able to bring home the children you love and expand your family soon.

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