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Children after a divorce

Children in Tennessee whose parents are divorced should be protected from any animosity between their parents. Parents should avoid speaking ill of their ex-spouse in the presence of the children. There is no need for the children to hear about how one or both parents were unfaithful, asked for the divorce or misbehaved in some way. No matter what age they are, children are likely to feel guilty if they cannot love both of their parents.

Parents can further protect their children after a divorce by making sure that the children know that they bear no responsibility for the divorce or the events that led up to it. It should be stressed to the children that there was nothing that they could have done or said to prevent the divorce from occurring and nothing they can do to correct it.

Divorced parents should also be as honest as possible with their children. The children have the right to be given the truth about even insignificant things. However, parents should take care to maintain wise boundaries and avoid giving their children excessive information about the divorce and the circumstances that preceded it.

After a divorce, the parents should work as much as possible to include the children in any decisions regarding changes in their schedule, particularly if the changes will affect their life. children tend to adjust better after a divorce if they can rely on having a predictable schedule.

A family law attorney may consider the factors of a case and may advise clients with children about the legal avenues that should be pursued to obtain the desired divorce settlement terms. The attorney may recommend negotiating to resolve disputes regarding issues related to the children, such as child custody, child support or visitation. Litigation might be used to protect the rights of clients.

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