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The drawbacks of each type of adoption

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2019 | Adoption

There are three main types of adoptions that Tennessee residents could be a part of. Open adoptions allow for the birth parents and adoptive parents to freely interact with each other. In a confidential adoption, the birth and adoptive families will not interact with or be able to identify each other. Mediated adoptions take a middle road and allow contact through a third-party. However, the parties will still not be able to identify each other.

There may be several disadvantages to each type of adoption for both the birth and the adoptive parents. For instance, the birth parent in an open adoption may have a hard time setting boundaries while the adoptive parents may have difficulty meeting the emotional needs of the child and the birth parents. Children may also have a hard time managing the expectations of two sets of parents in an open adoption.

Confidential adoptions may cause confusion for the child in later years as well. However, the birth parents may feel less grief and guilt over their decision by not having contact with the child. Adoptive parents may feel frustrated at the lack of information that they have about the birth family’s medical history. In mediated adoptions, children may feel as if they can’t contact their birth family for safety reasons. Furthermore, both sets of parents may be frustrated by the lack of direct contact with each other.

The best interests of the child should are what matter most in any adoption case regardless of where he or she currently resides. Generally speaking, a placement will not occur if there are any questions about an adoptive family’s ability to care for a minor. Birth parents may be able to rescind an adoption if they have not yet had their parental rights terminated.

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