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Mediation can help resolve your divorce quickly

On Behalf of | May 6, 2019 | Divorce, Mediation

When you’re going through divorce, you need to do what you can to protect your best interests. However, as most people know, negotiating is still important for most couples.

It’s typically in your interest to reduce the length of time of the divorce and to avoid disputes when possible. Negotiating and coming to agreements with your spouse will also limit the cost of hiring attorneys and the time of being in court. For many couples, it’s not possible to resolve all disputes without some help. That’s why some couples choose to go through mediation.

Mediation’s role in divorce

Mediation has an important role in divorce cases. It helps the couple work together to resolve their dispute, but it also helps teach them ways to communicate and prevent disputes moving forward.

Mediators are not there to determine the outcome of the case. Instead, they’re there to encourage you both to consider each other’s opinions and feelings and to encourage better communication. A mediator is essentially there to help keep the peace and to educate you both on your rights in Tennessee and responsibilities.

Mediators have an end goal of having both people come to a solution that they’re both happy with.

What happens when mediation ends?

At the end of mediation, estranged couples may have a resolution for their divorce concerns, like a parenting plan, a separation agreement or other important agreements that they’re both happy with. If one of the two parties is not happy with the resolution, then the agreement is not binding and they don’t need to use it. However, most people find that they’re better able to come to an agreeable solution by working together to understand the other party and disclosing what they want and need.

What happens if mediation doesn’t work for you?

If mediation doesn’t work for you, there are other alternative dispute resolution options, or you may begin to prepare for litigation in court. It’s important to work with a Knoxville attorney who is familiar with divorce and able to walk you through each of the possible methods to resolve your disputes. Doing so can save you a lot of time and money, as well as help you feel more secure while going through a new, unusual situation.

Your attorney will work to help you obtain the best resolutions for disputes during your divorce, so you can feel happier about the outcome of the divorce moving forward.

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