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The adoption process for same-sex couples

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2019 | Adoption

Same-sex couples can generally adopt children in Tennessee and all other states. However, it may still be illegal for those in same-sex relationships to adopt children from some foreign countries. Regardless of where the adoption is taking place, the couple may need to be in a relationship that has legal recognition in the child’s birth country.

The first part of the adoption process requires a couple to provide information about their home life and how they will provide for the child. This can be done by submitting photos of a shared residence or any other evidence that they are worthy of adopting and raising a child. This information will be shown to a child’s birth mother or current guardian to help decide who will care for the child. A home study will also be conducted to confirm that the child will grow up in a secure and nurturing environment.

It is important to be as honest as possible during the adoption process. While some couples may not like to admit that they are in same-sex relationship, failure to disclose that fact could delay or put an end to a placement. Those who are in a same-sex relationship should know that there is no evidence suggesting that a child is harmed by being raised by two mothers or two fathers.

The best interests of the child are the main focus of those who are involved in facilitating an adoption. Those who want to adopt a child may wish to hire an attorney or other representatives to help them make a good impression on all relevant parties. These parties generally include an adoption agency and the child’s birth mother. Legal representation may be especially useful for same-sex couples who might have to overcome different levels of discrimination during the adoption process.

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