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Students may benefit from prenuptial agreements

When Tennessee students think about getting married, they may not think that prenuptial agreements may be useful for them. Many consider prenups to be a matter for people with significant family wealth or celebrity. However, in practice, these agreements can be a wise choice for people across the financial spectrum. Prenups have become more popular as many people choose to marry later in life. By the time many couples come together, they may already have children, including kids from previous relationships. They may have homes, own businesses or be well on the road to a lucrative career.

When students decide to marry, the particular concerns that may motivate others to opt for a prenuptial agreement may be further in the future. However, this fact may actually make prenups a better choice. Because both partners are just starting out in life, their decisions about what to include in a prenup will be based on their ideas about the most equitable way to divide possessions in case of a divorce, rather than protecting existing wealth. Prenups are essentially contracts to address property division in advance, and students may be well-placed to think about their ideal solution to this issue.

Prenuptial agreements should reflect the needs and interests of both parties. There are a number of provisions that people can include in a prenup, including provisions that change over time. For example, people may want to make different choices if their marriage lasts for 25 years rather than two years.

When considering a prenuptial agreement, it is important that both partners are represented by their own family law attorneys. By ensuring that each party has independent legal representation, the document is more likely to reflect a fair agreement and be upheld in court.

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