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Several reasons to get a prenuptial agreement

Very few couples plan to get a divorce when first getting married, but financial advisers say that getting a prenuptial agreement is in everyone’s best interests. Rather than being subject to the laws of Tennessee or another state, couples can establish the terms of their divorce on their own independently. Prenups have become more common in recent years, and they are most popular in second marriages and with couples who have business interests.

A major reason why a person would want to get a prenup is if they have more wealth or earn more money in their profession than their future spouse. State law may allow a spouse to keep the assets they earned before getting married, but this isn’t always the case. For those who earn less than their spouse, making arrangements that help them maintain a good quality of life after divorce is important.

Getting a prenup may also be preferred for couples who have or plan on having children. Child support agreements made during divorce may not be adequate to cover the needs of a custodial parent who hasn’t worked in a while because they raised children. Making arrangements before marriage doesn’t have to be about greed; it can be about the best interests of both spouses and children.

Couples who want to sign prenuptial agreements before marriage may benefit from the support and guidance of an attorney. These agreements can include complicated language, and it’s the job of a lawyer to make sure that their client’s interests are reflected in the document. During a divorce, some spouses may want to contest the validity of a prenup. In these cases, going to court may be necessary to resolve differences.

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