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3 ways to bring up the wish for a prenuptial agreement

You want to get married to your partner, and you’ve been eagerly awaiting the day. However, you have many assets that you’re not sure you want to risk if either of you end up divorcing in the future.

It’s not that you think a divorce is likely, but there is no way to be certain. Should you consider a prenuptial agreement? You don’t want to be offensive or to cast doubt onto your soon-to-be marriage.

A prenuptial agreement is a good idea for anyone

The reality is that a prenuptial agreement is a good document to have no matter who you are. It can help you protect yourself against your spouse’s spending habits or protect your property from them during the divorce. You can even make decisions about alimony or spousal support in the event of a divorce.

How can you bring up a prenuptial agreement with your partner?

So that you aren’t coming off rude, it’s a good idea to sit down and talk about a prenuptial agreement as soon as possible before a wedding. Don’t wait until a few days before, because your spouse may feel that you’re pushing them to do something they’re not willing to engage in but have no time to reject. You don’t want to blindside someone with a legal document. Give them time to react.

Here are three good ways to bring up your hope to obtain a prenuptial agreement.

1. Bring it up when you’re discussing finances

To start with, you don’t have to demand a prenuptial agreement. Instead, you can say you want to talk about finances and bring it up as part of the conversation. While you’re creating a budget and talking about future expenses, ask about a prenuptial agreement. You might be surprised and find your partner wants one, too.

2. Talk about protecting your spouse with a prenuptial agreement

A prenuptial agreement doesn’t have to hurt someone in divorce. It can be a good way to protect someone. For instance, you can have an agreement that establishes how much alimony a person would get upon divorce. This is something that would likely be seen more positively than a prenuptial agreement that is cutting off their right to compensation or assets completely.

3. Go to an attorney or accountant together

Both of these individuals can bring up a prenuptial agreement as a third party and discuss why it might be a good idea. This takes it out of your mouth, so to speak, and makes it a legal discussion, not an attack.

These are three ways you can bring up a prenuptial agreement. The right agreement can protect both parties during marriage and divorce.

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