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Mistakes to avoid when parenting after a divorce

Being a parent after a divorce can be confusing. However, there are things that co-parents in Tennessee should always remember. For instance, parents shouldn't avoid communicating with each other. Instead, they should create a plan that addresses what they will do when conflict arises. Furthermore, the children should never be expected to speak on behalf of the parent or otherwise get involved in their arguments.

Generally speaking, both parents will have a role in raising their children. Therefore, a parent should not pretend that the other doesn't exist. In some cases, this person can be helpful in providing care in an emergency or being there for a child when he or she is sad or upset. Parents should be sure to answer each other's phone calls or text messages to stay in the loop about a child's needs.

An individual should not expect to be able to control his or her former partner. At no time should a child be used as a pawn to control that person's behavior. For instance, a parent may try to withhold visitation or other rights if a former significant other won't refrain from taking certain actions. Ultimately, this punishes the child as much as it may hurt a former partner or spouse.

In a divorce proceeding, a person may make decisions based on his or her emotions as opposed to relying on state law. However, parents may be able to come to an agreement faster by focusing on the needs of their children. An attorney could also be helpful in crafting an agreement that allows an individual to obtain maximum parental rights. At the same time, an agreement may allow the child to have a relationship with the other parent.

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