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Making the school year a success for children after divorce

Tennessee parents know that young children will experience a wide range of emotions with the start of each new school year. There is a sense of excitement about starting something new as well as a sense of apprehension that comes from facing the unknown, including new friends, new teachers and new subjects. This sense of apprehension may be amplified for children who are under a shared custody arrangement. However, parents can mitigate some of this apprehension by using the last days of the summer vacation to help their children focus on what to expect for the next school year.

In order to do this, both parents must put aside animosity and work together for the best interests of their children. This means deciding things like what they want their children to get out of their classroom experiences during the school year. This goes beyond academic learning. Parents should work together in deciding what extracurricular activities they will want their children to be involved in. At the same time, the ex-spouses should come up with a united plan of attack to help their children address any challenges they may face along the way.

Each school year will also bring extra expenses. The ex-spouses should be willing to work out a plan that outlines who will pay for what during the school year. This includes deciding who will take a day off if a child has a sick day. Mutually agreeing on these topics prior to the school year will help the parents avoid unnecessary frustration in the future.

If divorcing parents cannot come to an agreement on child-rearing issues, a family law attorney could provide valuable assistance. The lawyer will help a client look out for the best interests of the children involved.

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