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Top 3 reasons for the end of a marriage

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2018 | Divorce

A 2001 study conducted by a group of Oklahoma researchers revealed three specific reasons for divorce that ranked higher than any other reason in the survey. The researchers surveyed over 2,000 people and asked the divorcees among them what their major reasons for divorcing were.

Here are the top three reasons the survey participants cited for their divorces:

Divorce reason No. 1: A lack of commitment

Lack of commitment can present itself in many different ways in a marriage. Perhaps a spouse is more committed to his or her job than to the partner. Maybe, the partner constantly feels lonely and ignored, and the non-committed partner doesn’t meet his or her emotional needs.

Divorce reason No. 2: Too much conflict

Some spouses get along great in the first couple years of their marriages. After some time, however, arguments can present themselves. Other spouses might have been “arguers” from the moment they met each other. This kind of high-conflict marriage environment will eventually weigh spouses down to the point that they make the difficult decision to put permanent distance between themselves and their other half.

Divorce reason No. 3: Infidelity

Infidelity can present itself in a lot of different forms. Sometimes, a spouse will feel that his or partner was unfaithful due to intense, non-sexual relationships the partner forms with others. In other cases, infidelity is a deeper kind of cheating and the other spouse is actually sleeping around and forming sexual bonds with others. Infidelity can destroy even the most long-standing marital bonds.

Other reasons for getting a divorce

In the same survey, people listed other reasons for getting divorced, such as “little or no helpful preparation before marriage,” “financial problems” and “tying the knot at too young of an age.”

Of course, there are countless other reasons why couples tend to call it quits on their marriages. In the modern day of internet and social media, drama related to Facebook, Twitter, Tinder and Instagram would probably rank high as reasons for people to get a divorce.

What’s your reason for getting a divorce?

You probably have a complicated list of reasons for getting a divorce yourself. You may not be able to see through this list clearly enough to pinpoint an exact reason; you just know that you want out. Regardless of your reasons “why,” you may want to educate yourself on Tennessee family law so you can better prepare for your impending divorce process.

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